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March 2021

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Alumna Cleisha-Bernise Springer (克莉沙) is a former IMAS student working at the Embassy of Saint Lucia in Taiwan as Second Secretary. She encourages our international students to step out of their comfort zone and explore Taiwan outside of the regular classroom. Diving into Taiwanese culture and interacting with locals give a deeper understanding of Taiwan as a whole. Watch her full message in the video below.

110年3月12日入學考試事宜 第一組 : 准考證號22410001~22410006 第二組: 准考證號22410007~22410012 時間 活動流程 地點 08:20-08:30 第一組報到 綜合院館北棟271209 08:30-09:00 第一組筆試 綜合院館北棟271201 09:00-09:10 第一組考生準備口試 綜合院館北棟271202 09:10-10:00 第一組口試 綜合院館北棟271215 09:20-09:30 第二組報到 綜合院館北棟271209 09:30-10:00 第二組筆試 綜合院館北棟271201 10:00-10:10 第二組考生準備口試 綜合院館北棟271202 10:10-11:00 第二組口試 綜合院館北棟271215 如有任何問題,請於上班時間撥打: (02) 02-29393091 #51278