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October 2021

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Join us for 3 online lectures with Prof. Shigehisa Kasahara CourseInvited lectureDate & timeGoogle Meet connection1. Economic Development of ChinaOne Belt and One Road Initiative3:10~6:00pm, Tue, Oct. 12,    2. Taiwan, China, and Regional DevelopmentRegional integration beyond ASEAN – ASEAN-Plus, APEC, etc.3:10~6:00pm, Tue, Oct. 19,  3. Economic Development of TaiwanComparative Economic analysis of former Japanese colonial territories: Taiwan vs South Korea (industrial structure)3:10~6:00pm, Wed, Oct. 27,   Note: These three courses are offered for International master program and student number for each course is around 10~15 person.

If you are a foreigner working at NCCU (student, faculty member, or staff), please check whether your Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) has changed recently. Recent government policy has changed ARC numbers to better conform to the domestic ID system, and old numbers on file may cause errors. If your ARC has changed recently, please bring your new ARC, a photocopy and the Application Form for Student Information Change/Correction to the Registration Section to update your information in the university system. Be sure to update your ARC information with your bank

ObjectiveThe scholarship is to provide financial supports to recognize and reward students with academic excellence.Qualification and RequirementsFirst-year or second-year registered studentsReceiving grades of at least two courses in the previous semesterNot receiving any other scholarships. Students who are NOT eligible to apply if they already receive other scholarships, including MOE, MOFA and OIC New student scholarship.Application DeadlineOctober 15th, 2021.Required Documents for ApplicationCompleted application formFull transcript of IMAS courses (Note: New students will be ranked according to their entrance examination and previous transcripts)Scholarly works published or presented in the conference during the