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Canada’s Role in Indo-Pacific

On Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS) with Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) co-organized a talk in “Canada’s Role in Indo-Pacific”. We were honored from Mr. Michael McCulloch, Director of General Relations of CTOT, and Mr. Huy Nguyen, Deputy Director of General Relation of CTOT giving the talk on the great day.

Canadian border is alongside with the Pacific Ocean, so, the country cares about Asia-Pacific Region. Over the last 30 years, A lot huge immigration from Asia-Pacific Region have changed Canada. From 2000 – 2017, most of the immigrants that came to Canada were Asians. In the last year, 285,000 immigrants came to Canada, the 54 percent of the immigrants were from Asia. And the last year Canadian export to Asia was greater than to Europe for 12 billion Canadian dollars. Now, Canadian businesses and commercial opportunities are toward Asia-Pacific. Canada’s trade partners are; China is the 1st, Japan is the 4th, South Korea is the 6th, and India is 7th. Also, most of international students that came into Canada were from Asia. 69 percent of the international students are Asians. These are ideas that why Canada cares about Asia-Pacific Region.

The talk focused on the campaign about promoting gender equality, power in women and securities from Canadian’s perspective in Indo-Pacific. The campaign was being promoted by the Canadian government on international territories. Canada prioritizes the promotion of Canadian values such as democracy, human race, gender equality. When women represent almost 50 percent of Canadian cabinet members, Canada has foreseen the important of woman rights and start to focus on feminine international development elsewhere.

All women and all men have rights to live freely with no violent. However, there is no instruction on how to live violent free. It is unlikely to change the way of past cultures and history, but the society can protect women and ensure how women can securely live in everyday life. It is possible for someone to be fully respectful to traditions and cultures, and entitle to live in society without violent. However, when societies have been in the situation that they do not want to deal with it. It is rather easy for them to get rid of problems by blaming the victims. In some traditions where it is difficult for women to take part into. Men sometimes have made violence unacceptable by keep insulting women. It is profoundly different to blame women for violence coming from someone else.

Canada successfully have conducted the campaign in Indonesia and now turning to Taiwan in the year 2018. Canada has recently also promoted their campaign in Indonesia. The country released the results of its study on key components of their investigation into Indonesia. The findings shows engaging with the Indonesia working government is crucial. It is the sort of work that calls for a campaign to launch in the specific area. The results tend to be more successful rather than conduct the campaign in the widespread area.

Taiwan has been one of the most interesting challenging to work with. Canada would like to focus on how does Taiwan works with women’s right and also Human Rights. Canada has noticed Taiwan’s position on the issue perfectly. It is apparently that women are full of responsible for their families such as raising their children, preparing meals, and supporting the idea of women and families working together. They are at the center of the social development.

At the last section, the two diplomats emphasized that there many Asian diasporas in Canada. They are joining public life in Canada. Canada are multiculturalism. The country welcomes and promotes people from different backgrounds and cultures interacting with safe and welcoming Canadian society. Canada prouds of the multicultural backgrounds that provide opportunities to every people to succeed in Canada. Similarly, Taiwan is amazing place, strong democracy, and vibrant society. Canada appreciates that Taiwan respects to Human Rights. Also, Canada appreciate how friendly and kindness of Taiwanese peoples.