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Two IDAS students presented on Wednesday, November 24, 2020, their upcoming trips around Taiwan to help rural communities. Manoj for the past few years has been teaching about Indian culture in elementary schools all over Taiwan. Adrian will be assisting the elderly population in Taichung by teaching English and helping them learn how to make a traditional Spanish dish. We wish Manoj and Adrian the best of luck on their trips this winter vacation!

Dear all, Due to popular demand, we are hosting another “Travel to Help” activity. This activity requires students to use their specialty to help the community. The subsidy for this activity is $10,000 per student.  This amount is to compensate for accommodation, transportation, and meals. 1. Before you apply for this activity, you need to explain briefly about your travel, such as where do you want to go, and what kind of help that you could offer to the local community. 2. The destination needs to be a countryside or a rural area. 3. The

Course Introduction:This course is an overview of Taiwan’s role in the US- China relationship. It focuses on change and continuity in American policy toward Taiwan from 1949 to the present, the evolution of Chinese policy toward Taiwan in the face of the emergence of a separate national identity and a democratic political system on Taiwan, and the choices facing Taiwan as theU.S.-China relationship moves from partnership to rivalry. This class is taught by Prof. Harry Harding, a Professor of Public Policy at the University of Virginia’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy,and also

Dear all, Social Science College now has a activity called "Travel to help"This activity require students to use their specialties to help the communities. The subsidy for this activity is $10,000 per student.  This amount is to compensate accommodation, transportation and meal.And students will need to go to Taitung for 10-14 days. During your stay, students will need to figure out what does students can do for the local community. When students come back, they need to submit a report of what they done.Please come back before Sep. 14th. Office will have a lecture over this