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A warm welcome to all new students! On November 18, 2021, the international programs of the College of Social Sciences (CSS) jointly hosted their annual welcome party. Local and international students were greeted by our Dean Professor Wan-Ying Yang and Associate Dean Professor Chung-Min Tsai in their opening speech before everyone got ready to mingle. Several sections at the event allowed local and international students to gather in groups in which they could interact in fun activities with other students from the ETP. 

Join us for 3 online lectures with Prof. Shigehisa Kasahara CourseInvited lectureDate & timeGoogle Meet connection1. Economic Development of ChinaOne Belt and One Road Initiative3:10~6:00pm, Tue, Oct. 12,    2. Taiwan, China, and Regional DevelopmentRegional integration beyond ASEAN – ASEAN-Plus, APEC, etc.3:10~6:00pm, Tue, Oct. 19,  3. Economic Development of TaiwanComparative Economic analysis of former Japanese colonial territories: Taiwan vs South Korea (industrial structure)3:10~6:00pm, Wed, Oct. 27,   Note: These three courses are offered for International master program and student number for each course is around 10~15 person.

On the new year’s weekend of 2021, Dr. Kuan’s course in Modernization and Social Development of Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan went on their second field trip of this semester. This time brought the students to Jianshi (Cisnbu) Township in Hsinzhu County. First stop was the Indigenous Culture Museum for a comprehensive introduction of the region learning about the geographical location of different Atayal communities in the area. Even though lacking funds for a greater museum collection, the staff and community are determined to revitalize indigenous culture and tradition to