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All International students are invited to attend the upcoming lecture on May 24 at 6 PM. Professor Yuan-Kang Wang from Western Michigan University will deliver this lecture to have a closer look at China’s growing role in the international arena. It would be our greatest pleasure to have more students with us if their schedule allows.  Please register here: 

1. Additional instructions to the no. 1112202175 Letter from the Ministry of Education from May 5, regarding epidemic responses that colleges and universities should take when it comes teaching during the pandemic.2. As the spread of COVID-19 continues to worsen, our school, in accordance with students and teachers who have been at home in quarantine, has changed to remote teaching in many sectors. In order to strengthen the effectiveness of remote teaching, teachers of all courses in this semester are requested to, starting May 11 (Wednesday) to May 24 (Tuesday) participate

Yesterday (April 19th) NCCU was notified that 2 students tested positive for COVID-19. We at the College of Social Sciences (CSS) have confirmed the movement of these students and shared the information with the relevant offices. Immediately, NCCU disinfected the locations visited by those students. Before NCCU releases any more details regarding prevention measures for COVID-19, the CSS urges everyone to work together in order to ensure a safe learning environment. This means:  1. Wearing and keeping face masks on at all times in class and when entering/leaving the building in

In order to encourage graduate students to devote themselves to academic research, participate in academic activities, and publish their academic work, IMES students are welcomed to submit the scholarship application 1. Eligibly (1) Prospective students in the master’s program are selected on the basis of their entrance examination results. (2) Current students in the master’s program are selected based on 3 categories: including “GPA”, “extra-curricular activities and other social service activities” and “academic performance” Please refer to the attachment for details. Not receiving any other scholarships. Students who are NOT eligible to apply if they

Those of you who have been on campus this morning may have noticed that the area in front of the Zhongzheng Library was closed for cleaning and disinfection due to the COVID-19 test result of a visitor who came to the NCCU Job Fair last Friday (March 25) between 4pm and 5pm. According to CDC, the visitor who later tested positive for COVID-19 only stayed outdoors and for less than an hour, so all that’s required was the cleaning and disinfecting, no campus activities have been affected. However, if you happened to

The application for master’s student’s department transfer deadline is until Jan. 3, 2022. Please refer to the Transfer-In / Transfer-Out announcement for vacancy slots for transferring in and submit the application to the respective department office. Once the department office and office of academic affairs approve your application, a new student status will be applied and take effect. The applicant should then bring their student ID to registration section at the office of academic affairs for renewal. Eligibility Master students may apply for a one-time transfer to another graduate institute, provided that they obtain

The IDAS/IMAS/IMES programs are offering TA and RA positions for non-scholarship program students. All non-scholarship students are welcome to apply. English proficiency is required; Chinese is helpful but not necessary. Available Positions: Teaching Assistant (several) Research Assistant (several) Proofreading/Editing assistant (several) Teaching Assistants will assist professors to run IDAS/IMAS/IMES program courses. Each assignment is for one (1) course. We may appoint multiple assignments if necessary. English-spoken. Salary: $4,000-6,000 NTD per month Term: four months Duties include:  Preparing classroomsSetting up learning equipment (computers, projectors, etc.)Clearing and closing-down classrooms and/or learning environmentManaging coursework as assigned by professors (distributing reading materials, collecting