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To consider most students are waiting to enter Taiwan, and NCCU's react to the regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), from Sep. 13-26.  (NCCU announcement)  IDAS/IMAS/IMES programs shifted to remote course instruction temporarily.  Please check the details of the course instruction through We will continue to update all information as details emerge. Lastly, we'd like to remind you before the class, please do get your equipment and internet connection tested, attend the classes on time

Instructors: Professor Mei-Chuan Wei ,Director of IMES, NCCU and Professor Scott Pacey , University of Nottingham Course Time: 4.00-7.00pm, Mon & Thur., July 12-29(TPE time) 1 credit online course for NCCU master's and Ph.D students. (Credits will not be offered until the end of January, 2022) (Credits will not be offered until the end of January, 2022) Classroom: The classroom at 12F, North Wing, General Building of Colleges Remote teaching Software: Microsoft Teams Time Table: TimeContentInstructorshours12th July(Mon.)16:00-19:00Folk BelifeProfessor Mei-Chuan Wei & Professor Scott Pacey3 hrs.15th July(Tur.) 16:00-19:00YiguandaoProfessor Mei-Chuan Wei & Professor Scott Pacey3 hrs.19th.July(Mon.)16:00-19:00CatholicismProfessor Mei-Chuan Wei & Professor Scott Pacey3

A group photo of the professors and students who participated in the gathering in front of the International Program Office of the CSS (College of Social Sciences). (Photo source: IMES) The International Master's Program of Applied Economics and Social Development Program (IMES) held a gathering of teachers and students on May 10th, with professors Dr. Tzu-Ting Yang from Academia Sinica, Dr. Courtney Work from the Department of Ethnology, Dr. Yu-Hsuan Su from the Graduate Institue of Development Studies (GIDS), and Dr. Chuing Prudence Chou from the Department of Education in attendance. Dr.

There are two courses to be held during the summer vacation, and we need two assistants to undertake the administrating affairs and equipment set. The information is below: 1. IDAS is recruiting an admin teaching assistant for online summer secession lecture from 6/1~8/31 The course name: Religion in Taiwan: Global and Local Context Duration: 6/1~8/31 Job Description:TA needs to make sure the classroom and video equipment is settled before class begins.Course Administrative affairs Participating hours:6/1~8/31 Monday and Thursday 16:00-19:00. Selection criteria:IDAS, IMES, and IMAS students only. Salary:NT.$ 50,00/monthLabor and Health Insurance provided. Further information:Application Deadline: 12:00, May

(From May 17 to May 29, every working day 8:30-11:30 AM) Fill in the “Academic Dress Hire” form available in the IDAS/IMES/IMAS officeWith the completed form, go to the following locations to make payments:Laundry fee, 250NTD – go to LOHAS Plaza (inside campus, next to the McDonald's Gate), 2nd floor, laundry area (Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:30 to 17:30, Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00)Administration fee, 100NTD – go to the Administration Building, 5th floor, cashier section. You will get a receipt; bring this to get

Due to the recent increase in local cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Taiwan, to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic on campus, safeguard the health of teachers and students, and to protect the students' rights to continue their education activities, the university is following health guidelines and instituting preventative measures in class.  You are requested to take the following preventative measures in class: 1. QR Code Epidemic survey. In response to the needs of the COVID-19 prevention measures, the university has implemented a "scan QR Code roll call" operation,

The NCCU Graduation Commencement will be held on May, 29th, 2021 at the gymnasium. The commencement is open for graduate students only, and representatives for each graduate program will be invited to go on the stage to turning their tassels. The event will be live-broadcasted on the university website, which is open to public. Please notice that this ceremony is for the whole university, and is separate from the CSS Ceremony.         The applying information: The applying dates: May, 3rd, 2021 (Mon.)~ May, 14th , 2021(Fri.)Applying website:, or login to your INccu/

110年3月12日入學考試事宜 第一組 : 准考證號22410001~22410006 第二組: 准考證號22410007~22410012 時間 活動流程 地點 08:20-08:30 第一組報到 綜合院館北棟271209 08:30-09:00 第一組筆試 綜合院館北棟271201 09:00-09:10 第一組考生準備口試 綜合院館北棟271202 09:10-10:00 第一組口試 綜合院館北棟271215 09:20-09:30 第二組報到 綜合院館北棟271209 09:30-10:00 第二組筆試 綜合院館北棟271201 10:00-10:10 第二組考生準備口試 綜合院館北棟271202 10:10-11:00 第二組口試 綜合院館北棟271215 如有任何問題,請於上班時間撥打: (02) 02-29393091 #51278