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110年3月12日入學考試事宜 第一組 : 准考證號22410001~22410006 第二組: 准考證號22410007~22410012 時間 活動流程 地點 08:20-08:30 第一組報到 綜合院館北棟271209 08:30-09:00 第一組筆試 綜合院館北棟271201 09:00-09:10 第一組考生準備口試 綜合院館北棟271202 09:10-10:00 第一組口試 綜合院館北棟271215 09:20-09:30 第二組報到 綜合院館北棟271209 09:30-10:00 第二組筆試 綜合院館北棟271201 10:00-10:10 第二組考生準備口試 綜合院館北棟271202 10:10-11:00 第二組口試 綜合院館北棟271215 如有任何問題,請於上班時間撥打: (02) 02-29393091 #51278

In light of recent events, we would like to provide easier accessible information about the regulations concerning COVID-19. Please visit the relevant pages below to get the latest updates and news on the measurements and regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Stay informed as sudden changes may occur. NCCU: COVID-19 NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTSOIC: Novel Coronavirus PreventionTaiwan Centers for Disease Control

In order to enhance students' learning outcome and improve their research capabilities, the International Master's Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) held Research Foundation Workshop on the 10th of December, inviting course teachers Dr. Shi-Shu Peng from Department of Public Finance, Dr. Yu-Hsuan Su from Graduate Institute of Development Studies, and Dr. Tzu-Ting Yang, a co-employed teacher from the Institute of Economics of the Academia Sinica, giving lectures on Applied Macroeconomics, Applied Microeconomics, and Causal Inference and Data Science in Economics respectively. The workshop was hosted by Dr.

This workshop is specifically hold for IMES students to give a brief intro about the required courses and also about data sciences which is essential to conduct a research in economics field. Other students are also welcome to join this workshop. The topic covered will be Applied Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Causal Inference and Data Sciences in Economics. Please click this link to register: Date: Thursday, December, 10th Time: 12pm-1pm Venue: General Building, North wing, 12F, Room 271203

Under the pneumonia epidemic, in order to deeply care about the life and study of students, the International Master's Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) of the CSS held a teacher-student gathering on November 11th in English Corner. Dean of the Social Sciences College Dr. Min-Hsiu Chiang, Associate Dean Dr. Jen-Te Pai and Dr. Tong-Yi Huang, and teacher from the Department of Economics Dr. Po-Chun Huang all took the time to attend. The event was hosted by the director of IMES Dr. Mei-Chuan Wei. Dean Chiang specially came to

On 22 November, the Graduate Institution of National Development and IMES co-hosted academic lectures and invited Nebojša Vladisavljević, associate professor of Political Science, University of Belgrade, Serbia. The seminar attracted many teachers and students, including Taiwan Fellows of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who are currently conducting research visits to the Department of Foreign Affairs of our university. Nibojša Vladislavjević received a Ph.D. in Comparative Political Studies from the Department of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science and has just resigned from his post-communist post as