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Course Introduction: This course is an overview of Taiwan’s role in the US- China relationship. It focuses on change and continuity in American policy toward Taiwan from 1949 to the present, the evolution of Chinese policy toward Taiwan in the face of the emergence of a separate national identity and a democratic political system on Taiwan, and the choices facing Taiwan as theU.S.-China relationship moves from partnership to rivalry.   This class is taught by Prof. Harry Harding, a Professor of Public Policy at the University of Virginia’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy,and

Dear all, Due to popular demand, we are hosting another “Travel to Help” activity.This activity requires students to use their specialties to help the communities. The subsidy for this activity is $10,000 per student.  This amount is to compensate for accommodation, transportation, and meals. 1. Before you apply for this activity, you need to explain briefly about your travel, such as where do you want to go, and what kind of help that you could offer to the local community.2. The destination needs to be a countryside or a rural area.3. The

IMAS invited students to join the lecture on "Survivability of Somaliland: State-Building, Democratisation and Taiwan-Somaliland Relationship" by guest speaker Somaliland representative Mohamed Hagi. Our professors with our Somaliland guests The reception of the ambassador took place in the General Building where he was accompanied by his secretary Ms. Tai and Somaliland student Hassan Mohamed Hussein (Tamkang University). Upon arrival, they met with representatives of our college and international programs. The public lecture was then opened by IMAS Director Liu who encouraged all attendees to be open for cultural understanding. Ambassador Hagi's

The College of Social Science (CSS) at National Chengchi University (NCCU) has set up a Muslim prayer room on 12F North Wing, General Building. The room was officially opened by Dean of CSS Min-Hsiu Chiang on September 16, 2020. Some CSS professors, including Associate Dean of CSS Prof. Ching-Ping Tang, Chairman of IMAS Prof. Hsiao-Pong Liu,  Chairman of IMES Prof. Mei-Chuan Wei, Chairman of Dept. of Ethnology Prof. Ya-Ping Wang, Associate Professor of Ethnology Chung-Fu Chang, Visiting Associate Professor Marselino Dugis Vinsensio, Muslim students from various countries, and Chairman of

On September 11, 2020, the International Master’s Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) held an orientation for new students which was also attended by the program’s mentors Prof. Huilin Li (Department of Economics), Prof. Lizhong Hu (Department of Sociology) and Prof. Courtney Work (Department of Ethnology). We warmly welcome our freshmen from Taiwan and all over the world. After the formal welcome procedures indoors, we continued our activities with a hike to Zhinan Mountain and Maokong which ended with a dinner, both jointly organized with other International Programs