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The College of Social Science (CSS) at National Chengchi University (NCCU) has set up a Muslim prayer room on 12F North Wing, General Building. The room was officially opened by Dean of CSS Min-Hsiu Chiang on September 16, 2020. Some CSS professors, including Associate Dean of CSS Prof. Ching-Ping Tang, Chairman of IMAS Prof. Hsiao-Pong Liu,  Chairman of IMES Prof. Mei-Chuan Wei, Chairman of Dept. of Ethnology Prof. Ya-Ping Wang, Associate Professor of Ethnology Chung-Fu Chang, Visiting Associate Professor Marselino Dugis Vinsensio, Muslim students from various countries, and Chairman of the International Muslim Tourism Industry Development Association (IMTIDA) Ishag Ma attended the opening ceremony. 

During his opening address, Dean Chiang said that the establishment of the Muslim prayer room is a CSS’ initiative to accommodate the needs of international students including Muslim students to perform daily prayers in the school. Furthermore, Chairman Ma shared his experience while he was studying at NCCU and must look for any available space to pray when the prayer time came during school activities. He always used an empty classroom for the prayers to make sure that his daily rituals did not disturb other students. He is, therefore, very grateful that the CSS now provides the special room for Muslim students to pray.

On behalf of NCCU Muslim community, A. Safril Mubah, a PhD student at the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, also expressed his gratitude to the CSS for providing the Muslim prayer room. Similar to Chairman Ma’s experience, he had to pray on emergency stairs because it was difficult for Muslim students to find quiet and private spaces in the school. Dean Chiang considers this situation as inconvenience for Muslim students. Through the opening of the CSS Muslim prayer room, he hopes that Muslim community at NCCU especially CSS Muslim students can do their religious activities more conveniently and comfortably.

CSS Muslim students have played important role in the establishment of the prayer room. They have worked together to decorate the room and order prayer mat, prayer clothes, Holy Quran, Islamic calligraphy, etc. They have also called the Taipei Grand Mosque and Taoyuan At-Taqwa Mosque to make a collaboration. While Taipei Grand Mosque donates Holy Quran with original Arabic version, Chinese-translated version, and Indonesian-translated version, Taoyuan At-Taqwa Mosque contributes to provide prayer mat and prayer clothes.  In addition to the Muslim prayer room, the CSS also provide Muslim friendly toilet located on 13F North Wing, General Building of NCCU. The CSS Muslim prayer room is the second prayer room at NCCU. Located on the second floor of NCCU Lohas Plaza, the first prayer room was opened by the university during the Islamic month of Ramadhan in 2017. Both Muslim prayer rooms allow NCCU Muslim community to perform religious activities including daily prayers and Holy Quran recitation. The religious facilities also reflect that NCCU respects all cultures and religion.

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