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Epidemic Prvention Announcement

Dear All,
This is the secretary of IDAS, Yu Jie,Zhang.
I hope the article finds you well.

During this epidemic prevention period in Taiwan, we understand that life is with many inconveniences. Thank you for being active participants in the fight against this epidemic.  

Please implement the Self-health Monitoring Policy of reducing the time exposure to the outdoors, always wear a mask, wash your hands frequently with soap!

To reduce the risk of getting infected. The secretaries of IDAS and IMAS will alternate throughout the week to maintain one person in the office every day.

If there is anything that needs to be dealt with this week, please contact the faculty or professors via email or apply online as much as possible.

To reduce the chances of physical contact and the risk of infection, please avoid going to the office with matters irrelevant to IDAS student affair.

If your reason is urgent and needs a visit to the office, please wear a mask and maintain a 1.5m distance.            

Unfortunately, the email system is having some technical difficulties. I am working extremely hard in solving this problem, so I may reach out to the students who are trying to get through the system.

Please share this email so other IDAS students who are not receiving my emails get the information, thank you.

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