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Forewords from the Dean

Sincere greetings to all of you from the College of Social Sciences. The College of Social Sciences (CSS-NCCU) is the cradle of leadership in Taiwan and it shoulders the mission to cultivate the next generation of leaders with its vision of humanity and social responsibility. The establishing of the CSS-Newsletter is to create a platform for the faculty and students in our college to chart a course for building common ground for various prospects and ventures. As the famous quote in the Book of Change goes

The Heavens are in motion ceaselessly; only the virtuous can bear the utmost.

Leaders are the driving force of human society. And thus our hope is that all members of the CSS family can put forth their best efforts whether it be academic or professional pursuits.

As one of the top universities in Asia, we are recognized for our outstanding research performance, comprehensive curriculum, and remarkable teaching environment. The College of Social Sciences is a platform to connect academics, researchers, and students of various backgrounds, who have exceptional character and stand with us on our mission and pursuits at CSS. In response to the emerging dynamicity of the Asia-Pacific region, we have developed the international programs (IDAS, IMAS, and IMES) and leadership program (MEPA) to attract aspiring students and leaders to pursue excellence in academia, and put forth their knowledge into society.

To have a place of that fosters and creates knowledge and critical thinking, we hope that the first issue of our CSS Newsletter can mark the establishment of scholastic and intellectual exchanges. I strongly encourage you to actively participate in as many events and activities as possible offered by our college and the university. Our current digital era also heralds new forms of connections and interchange of ideas. Let’s hope this future web 3.0 can help us weave all of our intellectual research and positive pursuits together through creativity, by inspiring creations, critical thinking, effective dialogue, and from relentless discovery.

Best Regards,

Prof. Chiang, Min-Hsiu,
Dean, College of Social Sciences