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Graduate student department transfer application deadline: Please submit by Jan. 3

The application for master’s student’s department transfer deadline is until Jan. 3, 2022. Please refer to the Transfer-In / Transfer-Out announcement for vacancy slots for transferring in and submit the application to the respective department office.

Once the department office and office of academic affairs approve your application, a new student status will be applied and take effect.

The applicant should then bring their student ID to registration section at the office of academic affairs for renewal.

  1. Eligibility

Master students may apply for a one-time transfer to another graduate institute, provided that they obtain approval from the directors of both the origin and destination institutes prior to the commencement of the second academic year.

2. Procedure 

Applicant students shall submit their application during the designated period (from Dec. 1, 2021 to Jan. 3, 2022) in this academic calendar. Applicants shall get written approval from transfer-out dept. and transfer-in dept. and submit it (as attachment 1) to office of academic affairs for the renewal of the student status at NCCU

3. Credit

Once the above procedure is completed, the student will fill out the application form (attachment 1) and attach their official transcript to submit to the transfer-in office for review.Others

Applicant students must enroll themselves in the semester while they are applying for transferring. The transfer application will become invalid if the student takes a suspension before/after the transfer application is accepted.

4. Others
Once the transfer application is approved, the student shall follow the curriculum &guideline of the transfer-in depart for the course selection and no transferring back the original program/department or to any other dept will be accepted.

Application Form for Institute Transfer

Application Form for credits waiver and transference

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