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IMES Required and Elective Courses

Students of the International Master’s Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) must choose from the available courses each semester making sure to complete all their graduation requirements such as the completion of 3 required courses and taking at least 3 elective courses from the same track.


Required Courses


Applied Microeconomics

Applied Macroeconomics

Research Methods


Courses for Big Data Analysis


Causal Inference and Data Science in Economics
Big Data for Social Analysis


Courses for Major Field: Applied Economics


Economic Policy Analysis and Evaluation Track

Labor Economics
Economics of Human Capital
International Trade
Trade Policy
Topic on Macroecnomics

Public Finance and Financial Market Track

Health Economics
Global Health Governance
Issues in Income Taxation
Contemporary Issues on International Financial Markets
Real Estate Finance and Asset Investment
Economics of Goodness


Land Economy and Environment Track

Environmental Economics
Seminar on Land Economy
Spatial Decision Making
Integration and Application of Geomatics Techniques

Regional Development Track

Chinese Economic Development
Economic Development of Taiwan
The Political Economy of China’s Development
Political Economy
Seminar on Asia-Pacific Political Economy
Taiwan-China and East Asia Regional Development 

Courses for Minor Field: Social Development


Seminar in the Sociology of Education
Comparative Education in Global Society
Modernization and Social Development of Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan
Pandemics and Society
Social Media and Digital Narrative
Migration, Labor and Digital Media in Contemporary China
The Research Theory of Ethnology
Religion and Spirit: In the Southeast Asian Political Economy
Cultural Development and Trend in Globalization