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Thesis Defense

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As a student of the International Master’s Program Of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES), the writing of your dissertation represents the capstone of your graduate studies. The process of writing a dissertation may seem difficult at first, but if you follow this step-by-step guide you will find it is nothing to worry about.

The complete process is divided into 3 main moments. The first one will be the presentation of your thesis research proposal. The second one will be the actual writing of your thesis according to the approved research proposal. The last step will be the oral examination and defense of your finalized thesis.

The proposal, writing, and final defense of your thesis will be the last steps before graduation and requires special attention to the deadlines and regulations that govern this procedure. Please read this guide carefully and come visit us at the IMES office if you have any questions.

We wish you great success in your thesis writing journey!

Step-by-step Guide

Phase One – Thesis Proposal


  • Apply for thesis proposal defense.
  • Submit the “Recommendation List of Committee Members for Thesis Proposal Examination”, along with your draft proposal.
  • Submit your thesis proposal defense application
  • Please be noted there must be a two-months gap between the proposal defense and final defense.


  • For documents required to apply for the thesis proposal defense, simply download the following forms.


  • For thesis proposal defense, you should find at least 5 committee members (supervisor included; your panel should be preferably the same ones as those of your proposal defense)
  • Be reminded that one of these members must be a full-time faculty in the college of social sciences. At least one-third of the committees must be from other universities.


  • You must apply for your proposal defense before the prescribed time stated on University Calendar.
  • Late submission will not be allowed.

Phase Two – Write your Thesis

  • Write your thesis according to the approved research proposal.

Phase Three – Final Defense


  • Select the best date for your final defense and ask IMES staff to reserve a classroom for your oral defense.


  • Sharpen your brain and get ready for tough questions.
  • Try to woo your committees with refreshments.
  • Send the final draft and print out a copy of your draft dissertation to your committees.


  • You and your committees


  • You must apply for your proposal defense before the prescribed time stated on University Calendar.
  • Late grade submission will not be allowed.

Thesis Defense Forms

These are the forms you will need to fill out and collect signatures on in order to get through your dissertation defense procedures. You may find them in the IMES office or download them here :

Supervisor Confirmation Form

Thesis Proposal


Thesis Defense