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Scholarships for Current Students

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IMES Scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize and reward individuals who have achieved academic excellence. It encourages students to apply to and remain in the IMES program. The number and amount of awards varies from year to year. We usually give about 5-10 awards each year.

Additionally, our students have also successfully applied to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for doctoral research expenses and travel awards to international conferences. See the section below for information about Travel Grants for students.

For more details on this scholarship, please visit the OIC’s New International Student Scholarship Application Q&A page.

Society Contribution Academic Scholarship (Draft)

Application Guidelines for Society Contribution Academic Scholarships

Applicants for Society Contribution Academic Scholarships must demonstrate a strong present, or future, occupational need for contributing society in Taiwan. All IMES students are welcome to apply.

Applicants must provide the following material and statement:

  1. Current project ( Applications must list the full details (project title, supplier, cost, location, and project dates), or portfolio that he or she is currently working on.
  2. A strong 20 to 30 minutes presentation need to be conducted in front of IMES program committee members
  3. A reference from the project manager or professional need to be submitted or
  4. An academic reference from a professor from National Chengchi University.

Only qualified applications need to submit all required supporting materials received by the IMES program and will be considered by the IMES Committee.

Scholarships will be awarded in a manner that matches the higher monetary award amount with the better-qualified candidates who meet all the requisite criteria.

The deadline for Society Contribution Academic Scholarships will be taken place before the end of the second semester. The specific date will be announced by the IMES office.

Financial aid scholarship (Draft)

Financial aid scholarship for emergency declaration guidelines

The following guidelines apply to financial aid scholarship for emergency declaration guidelines from the IMES program:

Applicants must provide the following material and statement:

  • Applicants encounter financial crises and will not be able to pay their living expenses or credit fees once they locate in Taiwan.
  • The applicant has an accident and will not be able to afford any expenses because of injuries and damage.
  • The applicant’s family is no longer supports his or her study and desperately seeks help.

If the criteria above truly match the applicant’s status, he or she needs to provide the following supporting material:

  1. Approval from IMES director through an application form.
  2. Supporting materials provided by the applicant:
  3. The statement of the applicant’s country or government.
  4. Injury report or medical report from a medical institution or family doctor.
  5. Personal statement of the applicant, including the history of medical use, and incident description and photo.
  6. Low-income families or poverty has been registered by the applicant’s government bureau.


There has no deadline for financial aid scholarship for emergency declaration. However, IMES office has right to select qualified applicants who also need to be approved by IMES committees.