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Research Ethics Course Guide

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As a student of the International Master’s Program Of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES), you will be held to research ethics standards when writing your thesis or dissertation and when conducting other research.

In order to ensure all graduate students to abide by a high standard of research ethics, starting from Academic Year 2016-2017, newly enrolled students (including those who have early enrollment before Fall 2016), must complete the research ethics coursework before the end of their first school year. A student is required to pass the research ethics course, or receive explicit authorization for an exemption from the research ethics course before his/her application for taking the final graduate degree examination.

To know further how to attend online courses and means to get your certificate, please refer to the following guidance.

Step-by-step Guide

To comply with the Research Ethics Course requirement, please follow the following guide:

Research Ethics Course Brochure