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School Leaving Procedure

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When a student of the International Master’s Program Of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES) finish and pass their thesis oral examination it means they are now ready for graduation.

There are still a number of steps left before you can get your diploma and finalize your time as a student at National Chengchi University. Please go through this checklist to make sure you know how to take the last steps as a student and the first ones as a newly graduated professional.

It will also depend on what your plans will be after graduation but you may need to extend your ARC and get your diploma properly certified for international validity. We’ve put together this information to make these procedures easy for you.

If you have further inquiries please check with the staff at the IMES office or send us a message. We are happy to see you close to completion of this academic journey.

Thesis Upload

Simply go to NCCU library web page for thesis upload portal. Thesis upload manual and NCCU watermark can be found in the portal as well. For e-upload, use the following format:

i. Title
ii. Other title page
iii. Table of Contents
iv. List of Figures and Tables (if applicable)
v. Abstract
vi. Main Body
vii. References

Once the file upload procedure is completed, it will take some time (up to minutes or hours) for the Library to verify the accuracy, you will receive ”National Cheng Chi University Thesis/dissertation/Dissertation Information and Electronic Thesis/dissertation/Dissertation Verification Notification” via email (no need to bind it into your printed thesis/dissertation). However, you will need to print out the “Letter of Authorization for Thesis and Dissertations” for the binding copy of your printed thesis/dissertation.

School Leaving

When you get to printout your thesis, this also means you are ready to run through the final hurdle for school leaving. Be sure to look through the 4 steps stated below to ensure you have everything nailed without loose ends!

1. Submit Hard Copies of Your Thesis

Once you’ve uploaded your thesis, you will need to pick up the “Eligible Paper/Accreditation Letter” form signed by the dean, which you will bind it with the “Letter of Authorization for Thesis and Dissertation” later on for the printed copies- you will need to hand in 1 copy for the IMES office and 2 copies for the library. Normally, the standard waiting time 3-4 working days, with an additional fee it can be faster. The printing shop in the student club center on campus is highly recommended.

The expense for each hard copy will cost you approximately NTD 500. Please make sure you follow the required format and include all the necessary parts before you dash off to the printing shop! They are:

i. Front Cover with “University Name, Department Name, Title, Author name, Graduation year”

ii. Title page with “University Name, Department Name, Supervisor’s name, Author name, Graduation year”

iii. “Letter of Authorization for Theses and Dissertations Full Text Upload”

iv. “Eligible Paper/Accreditation Letter” form. (Signed by your supervisor, committee members, IMAS/IDAS director, and the dean)

v. Blank page

vi. Table of Contents

vii. List of Figures and Tables (if applicable)

viii. Abstract

ix. Main body

x. References


2. Maintain your Alumni Account at


3. Print out “School Leaving Form” and Run through the Administrative Process

You may choose to print out the “School leaving form” from your iNCCU portal or you may choose to print it out from Moltke system. Please follow the following guidelines to print out the form:

i. Click the first option (畢業離校檢核系統)

ii. A pop-up should appear

iii. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up, and click the left button titled “請先幫我執行個人化畢業檢核”

iv. You should now see the form with a list of places you need to go to.

v. Look at the right side column. If it says “免辦” then you don’t need to go there. Locations listed below for your reference:

  • IMES office
  • Main campus library
  • Computer Center Building
  • Office of General Affairs
  • OIC Office
  • Dorm Office
  • Registration Office


4. Pick up your diploma from the Registration Office

Extending your ARC

Once you apply for school leaving, the immigration office will invalidate your ARC around 7 workdays. You will further receive notification to from local immigration center that you will need to 1) extend your ARC, or 2) to leave Taiwan immediately. To see how you can extend your ARC, please see guidance and application documents through what provided here.

Certifying your Diploma

Certifying diploma at home country can be a tiresome experience. Therefore, we would suggest you to certify your diploma while you can here (3 work days) in Taiwan. Brief guidance provided here:

1. Notarize your Diploma at Taipei District Court

Address: No.248, Sec. 1, Zhongxing Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

If you take the MRT, please get off at Xindian District office. District office is near to Exit 1 or 2

Also, please be sure to prepare the following documents before you go:

i. Original copy of your diploma and transcript

ii. ARC/Passport

iii. NT 750 for processing fees

Normally, the waiting time will be up to a few hours or 2-3 days (you can tell the office if you are in urgent situation.)

2. Go to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA)

Address: 3-5 Fl, No. 2-2, Section 1, Jinan Rd, Taipei City, Taiwan(R.O.C)

To validate your diploma, you will need to prepare these required documents:

i. Passport

ii. ARC

ii. Notarized documents

iv. NTD 400 per validation