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Orientation for Incoming Students

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Welcome on board! The International Master's Program Of Applied Economics and Social Development is happy to have you with us.

The new student orientation is a great occasion where you can meet your future cohorts and get to be introduced with a wide arrange of academic, cultural, and social experiences. You will attend several sessions of seminars during the orientation, where you can get yourself ready for future studies and know the ropes about your program and the university regulations for the time ahead of you as a student. Orientation is all about getting yourself settled before you embark on the new journey here in Taiwan. We’ll make this a fun time, so be prepared to make new friends and join the big family at National Chengchi University!

Save the Date!

September 11, 2020 from 14:00-18:00
13th floor of the General Building

Auditorium R271338

Office of International Cooperation

If you would like to know more and be very well-prepared before the semester begins, here are some useful web resources from University’s Office of International Cooperation (OIC) for more information:

  1. What to do after being accepted?
  2. Document Verification
  3. New Students To-Do List
  4. Regulation and Downloads
  5. Campus Life