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Taiwan is an ideal place for international students who want to learn Mandarin Chinese. Environment certainly is essential for students who wish to gain full immersion to target language and fasten the speed to pick up a new language. There is a rising trend of Chinese teaching in China, but Taiwan has more than half of the century long history of teaching Chinese. Basing on the statistics provided by the Ministry of Education, more than 18 thousand foreigners come to Taiwan for learning Chinese yearly.

If you are aspired to become a translator, or wish to upgrade your language skill sets, there are several opportunities to learn Chinese at National Chengchi University and off-campus to fully appreciate the Chinese language, across the centuries.

NCCU Part-Time Mandarin Courses

If you wish to study Chinese but have limited budget plan, NCCU do offer a much cheaper Chinese learning scheme (3 hours * 18 weeks) for all NCCU international students. A special arrangement of weekly courses totaling 54 hours a semester has been arranged for beginners and students in intermediate level including the listening, speaking, reading and writing. Please download course application form from here.

NCCU Regular and Elective Chinese Courses

If you wish to study mandarin more intensively, the Chinese Language Center offers a variety of regular courses and elective courses. Regular courses are designed to enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at different levels, while elective courses are available for those who already know the language and would like to sharpen their skills in listening and speaking or to learn Classical Chinese, Business Chinese, and Taiwanese. Workshops, activities and field trips are organized to provide students with opportunities to integrate culturally and socially with local students. Instructors in the program are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to individuals with various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. For more information, please visit our Chinese Language Center website.

Learning Chinese Elsewhere

There are some other well-acclaimed Chinese learning centers at various Universities. Please refer to the followings for more information from the following websites: