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Affiliated Research Centers

Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) was established on September 1, 1976, by Dr. Chen-Fu Koo as the first private independent think tank in Taiwan. The main purpose of the institute is to actively engage in research on domestic and foreign macroeconomics and industrial economics in order to provide consultations to the government and enterprises and to promote Taiwan’s economic development.

TIER actively participates in dealing with international affairs and this enables it to gain a solid understanding of global trends, to provide forward-looking analysis with a global perspective, and to formulate optimal policy alternatives for the businesses and the government.

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Taiwan Economic Data Center

Taiwan Economic Data Center (TEDC) is a non-profit organization established to maintain and promote the usage of the “TEDC Taiwan Economic Statistical Databank System”. The system is also known as “AREMOS Economic Statistical Databanks” — AREMOS being the software we use for maintaining the system.

The AREMOS databanks include statistics for Taiwan such as: national income, industrial production, trade, finance, price, wage, population, energy, transportation, agriculture, education, daily trading statistics of listed and over-the-counter stocks, financial statements of listed companies, etc. It is one of the largest on-going, daily updated, time-series databank systems in Taiwan.

The system was created jointly by the Ministry of Education and National Taiwan University in 1987 and has been maintained since then to serve primarily researchers (academic, governmental, and, increasingly, of private enterprises) in Taiwan.

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Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

The Institute of Economics was officially established on February 1, 1970, after more than seven years’ preparation. In the early years, the Institute focused its research on domestic issues. Bringing both domestic and international economists together, we undertook a series of research projects based upon economic development in Taiwan, such as “On Current Prices, The Directions and Strategies of Taiwan’s Economic Development, Human Resources, Econometric Modeling of the Taiwanese Economy, Income Distribution, The Development of Taiwan’s Financial Sector”, and so forth. In addition to empirical studies, recently we have also placed emphasis on theoretical research. Moreover, in order to obtain a global perspective and promote interactions with international scholars, we have been organizing international conferences and sponsoring joint research and exchange programs. Our public policy research outputs are to keep the government informed in its long-term planning and policymaking. In addition, while pursuing publication in international top journals, we also plan to engage in research that is relevant to Taiwan’s society.


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Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

The “Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research” (CIER) was established on July 1, 1981, under the guidance and planning of the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), entrusted by the Executive Yuan. The Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research has set to become an international policy think-tank for economic and industry-related research as its goal. Since its establishment, the institution has been serving as a policy think-tank for the ROC government by making important recommendations, for which it has gradually gained prestige and recognition. Yet, as globalization in the economic and industrial sectors has proceeded, the institution has had to represent the country in conducting exchanges with international policy think-tanks. This has paved the way for the institution to be recognized internationally for its research capabilities. Guided by this goal, the institution continues to develop over the long term.

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