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Why Study at IMES?

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 Reasons to Choose IMES


  • IMES is the first English-taught Master’s Program of Economics in Taiwan.
  • IMES consists of a diverse student body.
  • IMES offers interdisciplinary studies.
  • IMES emphasizes the application of big data analysis.
  • IMES collaborates with other international programs.
  • IMES allows students to take courses in the University System of Taiwan.
  • IMES encourages students to take advantage of its exchange programs with partner universities.
  • Many IMES professors received their Ph.D. from universities in the USA.
  • IMES had well-trained graduates who have excellent placement records.

Why National Chengchi University (NCCU)?

  • NCCU is one of the most elite universities in Taiwan.
  • NCCU is a member of the University System of Taiwan.
  • NCCU has most subjects ranked among the top 200 in the QS world subject ranking.
  • NCCU is ranked #1 in terms of internationalization in Taiwan.
  • NCCU is ranked #1 in terms of employment performance in financial and service sectors.
  • NCCU has the most English-friendly environment in Taiwan.
  • NCCU has one of the best Chinese language centers in Taiwan.
  • NCCU is in a natural green environment with easy access to downtown Taipei.
  • There are a variety of scholarships available for NCCU international students.

About Taiwan

  • Located in center of Asia-Pacific region — convenient to travel around Asia
  • An open society in which students can easily blend with friendly local people
  • Taiwan is a modern and advanced country.
  • Taiwan provides an authentic, traditional Chinese cultural experience.
  • Many things to do in Taipei and Taiwan.
  • Taiwan and Taipei have excellent personal safety records.
  • Taiwan is a democratic country.
  • Excellent health care and other services.