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IMAS in Matsu!

Our IMAS students have finally made it to Matsu, one of the outlying islands of Taiwan. The proximity to Mainland China makes this place a very special opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding in Cross-Strait relations. National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) have invited us to their Matsu Campus to hold a a workshop on War, Regional Revival and Sustainable Development of Islands.

It is the second time that students from NTOU and IMAS get together. The first time in early summer 2020 brought the participants to Keelung. The Matsu workshop took place in Beigan, one of the islands off the coast of Mainland China. Our IMAS students also shared their knowledge and experience on development and sustainability. The workshop lasted for a total of two days and comprised short trips to nearby sights to learn more about the history of the region.

IMAS and NTOU are looking forward to further cooperation and seeking for opportunities to tighten their partnership.

The IMAS program encourages their students to participate in future projects. It will give valuable experience and insight into Taiwan’s academic landscape.

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