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IMAS-NTOU Workshop for Ocean Development and Regional Revitalization Inspires Collaboration for the Future

During the weekend of May 22-23, National Chengchi University (NCCU) students participated in a workshop titled “Ocean Development and Regional Revitalization: An International Exchange” at the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST) in Keelung. Participants in this workshop included 7 students from NCCU in the International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS), 3 students from National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), and 3 NMMST interns from Malaysian University of Sabah that contributed in this cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange.

The Director of NTOU’s General Education Center Dr. Lin Tai-Yuan opened with an introduction and regards from NTOU’s President Chang Ching Fong and also gave gifts to IMAS students for their attendance in this workshop. Dr. Shih Tung-Wei, the Director of NMMST’s Department of Industry-Academia Cooperation, gave the keynote speech on the evolution of the former coal-fired power plant and landfill site into today’s beautiful coastal town.

NTOU student presentations were presented in English with topics on the development of Keelung’s tourism, the strategic differences of regional revitalization between Taiwan and Japan and the yacht industry in Taiwan and its role in today’s global yacht market. For IMAS students, all presentations were given in English and one in Chinese. Students reviewed topics on trade strategies and naval architecture technologies of since the 16th century and analyzed those impacts on European expansion in Asia, introduced sea turtle protection in Churaumi Suizokukan, and finally examined the creation of Marine Protected Areas in Korea. Students from all institutions raised questions throughout the workshop from NMMST’s sea laboratory to historical issues in Taiwan and local government initiatives on revitalization projects.

Despite issues with weather and various cancellations of activities, IMAS students were able to enjoy local seaweed cuisine and learn about the cultural industry of Keelung by visiting the historic copper factory and gold mine museums as well as experienced a train ride on the railroad that was once used for a Japanese power plant’s coal supply.

NTOU team leader Professor Tseng Sheng-wen hopes to continue this bilateral cooperation, IMAS and NTOU are eager to hold the next work shop at the NTOU branch in Matsu, one of Taiwan’s outlying islands.

Philip Hsiaopong Liu, the IMAS director, says that IMAS is designed to train multidisciplinary talents. Foreign students in this program should learn knowledge not only from books, but also from Taiwan society. For this purpose, IMAS will continue to arrange academic exchanges and cultural activities with academic institutions around Taiwan.

IMAS participants in Jingtong railroad station

IMAS participants in Ruifang railroad station

IMAS student Amber Kim in the New Taipei City Government Gold Museum

IMAS students Calvin Chow and Jules Legouis in the Jingtong Coal Museum

IMAS student Grace Chang in the NMMST laboratory

Dr. Shih Tung-Wei explaining maritime research to IMAS student Francesca Sfriso

IMAS student Jordi Mallol Sala presenting his research “Sea Turtle Protection in Churaumi Suizokukan”

IMAS student Julian Tash presenting his research “European Expansion in the Pacific during the 16th and 17th Centuries”

All student participants in the Seaweed Fun restaurant.

Workshop participants in front of the Chao-Jing Ocean Center


5月22-23日,社科院亞太研究英語碩士學位學程 (IMAS)與海洋大學假基隆海洋科技博物館,舉辦「海洋發展與地方創生工作坊」。來自美國、西班牙、德國、義大利、法國、韓國等七名IMAS學生、海洋大學的三名台灣學生,與來自馬來西亞沙巴大學的三位海科館實習生,共同參加此一跨文化與跨學科互動。





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