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The most high-quality, multidisciplinary and insightful option in the field of International Master Program in Asia-Pacific Studies studies for graduate students.

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In any given week, IMAS hosts an astounding variety of events, largely organized and run by academic departments and students. Guests come to campus and offer distinctive views informed by their experiences, expertise and scholarship.

Guest Lecture: My Life’s Journey Across 3 Continents, 6 Cultures, and 12 Languages: Observations and Lessons Learned

IMAS in Matsu!

Our IMAS students have finally made it to Matsu, one of the outlying islands of Taiwan. The proximity to Mainland China makes this place a very special opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding in Cross-Strait relations. National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) have invited us to their Matsu Campus to hold a a workshop on War, Regional Revival and Sustainable Development of Islands. It is the second time that students from NTOU and IMAS get together. The first time in early summer 2020 brought the participants to Keelung. The Matsu workshop […]

IMAS Public Lecture: Survivability of Somaliland

IMAS invited students to join the lecture on “Survivability of Somaliland: State-Building, Democratisation and Taiwan-Somaliland Relationship” by guest speaker Somaliland representative Mohamed Hagi.

IMAS Courses

Renowned graduate courses offered by IMAS. Covering the fields of International Politics, Political Theories, International Political Economics and Regional Research.

Research Methods for Social Sciences

To do research in social sciences is very different from in nature sciences. As a result, students in social sciences needs to learn from […]

Asia-Pacific Regional Development

This is neither an “economic development” nor an “area study” course. Instead, it offers an overview of recent developments in the Asia-[…]

Development Policies of the Asia-Pacific Region

The course is jointly offered by five faculty members who are specialized in different countries in the region of Asia-Pacific. It gives an […]

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It is important to learn and grow outside of the regular coursework. IMAS encourages its students to partake in workshops in cooperation with other universities and faculties in Taiwan.


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