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Course List for Fall 2021 (110-1)

Course CodeCourse NameInstructorSyllabusCreditsNote
926026001Research Methods for Social SciencesDr. Don-Yun ChenFall 20213.0Required
926865001Cultural Development and Trends in GlobalizationDr. Hao-tzu HoFall 20213.0Elective
926866001Seminar on Asia-Pacific Regional Security StudiesDr. Li-Chung YuanFall 20213.0Elective
926867001Anthropocene and GeopoliticsDr. Chih-Yuan YangFall 20213.0Elective
926868001Global Health GovernanceDr. Hsien-Ming Lien, Dr. Han Hsi Liu, Dr. Hung En LiuFall 20213.0Elective
926869001The Anthropology of the Asia PacificDr.Tzu-Chi OuFall 20213.0Elective
926870001Seminar on Asia-Pacific Political EconomyDr. Yung-Fu ChenFall 20213.0Elective
926871001Populism, Authoritarianism, Military-rule: Exploring Challenges to Democracy in East and Southeast AsiaDr Deasy SimandjuntakFall 20213.0Elective
926872001Political EconomyDr. Chung-Min TsaiFall 20213.0Elective
926893001Chinese Economic DevelopmentDr. Shin-Shyr Wang, Dr. Hao-Chung Li, Dr. Yih-Chyi ChuangFall 20213.0Elective
926904001Political Development of Mainland ChinaDr. Chien-Ming ChaoFall 20213.0Elective
926912001Economic Development of TaiwanDr. Yih-Chyi ChuangFall 20213.0Elective
926949001Taiwan-China and East Asia Regional DevelopmentDr. Yih-Chyi ChuangFall 20213.0Elective

Course List for Spring 2021 (109-2)

Course CodeCourse NameInstructorSyllabusCreditsNote
926032001Development Policies of the Asia-Pacific RegionDr. Leng Tse-Kang, Dr. Kuan Da-Wei, Dr. Lin Chao-Chi, Dr. Yu Ching-Hsin, Dr. Liu Hsiao-Pong, Dr. Tsai Chung-MinSpring 20213.0Partially Required
926917001Taiwan, China and United State in the International SystemDr. Leng Tse-KangSpring 20213.0Elective
926911001Political Development of TaiwanDr. Yu Ching-HsinSpring 20213.0Elective
926929021History of TaiwanDr. Lan Shi-ChiSpring 20213.0Elective
926876001Seminar on Cultural Ecology of Forests: Green Development, Conservation, and Climate ChangeDr. Courtney Katherine WorkSpring 20213.0Elective
926896001Democracy and Democratization in East and South AsiaDr. Wei Mei-ChuanSpring 20213.0Elective

Course List for Fall 2020 (109-1)

Course CodeCourse NameInstructorSyllabusCreditsNote
926015001Asia-Pacific Regional DevelopmentDr. Chung-Ly LeeFall 20203.0Partially Required
926026001Research MethodsDr. Don-Yun ChenFall 20203.0Required
926878001Japanese Colonization in Asia and its DevelopmentDr. Shi-Chi LanFall 20203.0Elective
926893001Chinese Economic DevelopmentDr. Shinn-Shyr Wang/ Dr. Yih-Chyi ChuangFall 20203.0Elective
926904001Political Development of Mainland ChinaDr. Chien-Ming ChaoFall 20203.0Elective
926923001Modernization and Social Development of Indigenous Peoples in TaiwanDr. Da-Wei KuanFall 20203.0Elective
926930001Introduction to Statistical AnalysisDr. Ping-Yin KuanFall 20203.0Elective
926949001Taiwan, China, and Asian Regional DevelopmentDr. Yih-Chyi ChuangFall 20203.0Elective

Required Courses

Research Methods for the Social Sciences

Asia-Pacific Regional Development (Partially Required)

Development Policies in the Asia-Pacific Region (Partially Required)

Research Ethics Course Guide

As a student of the International Master’s Program Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS), you will be held to research ethics standards when writing your thesis or dissertation and when conducting other research.
In order to ensure all graduate students to abide by a high standard of research ethics, starting from Academic Year 2016-2017, newly enrolled students (including those who have early enrollment before Fall 2016), must complete the research ethics coursework before the end of their first school year. A student is required to pass the research ethics course, or receive explicit authorization for an exemption from the research ethics course before his/her application for taking the final graduate degree examination.

For more information on how to attend online courses to receive your certificate, please refer to the following step-by-step guide book.