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  • 1. Additional instructions to the no. 1112202175 Letter from the Ministry of Education from May 5, regarding epidemic responses that colleges and universities should take when it comes teaching during

  • Yesterday (April 19th) NCCU was notified that 2 students tested positive for COVID-19. We at the College of Social Sciences (CSS) have confirmed the movement of these students and shared

  • College of Science student tests positive for COVID-19, 4 close contacts test negative after self-screening.
    Reminding everyone to continue to mask up, social distance and follow CDC health protocols. Stay safe!

  • ObjectiveThe scholarship is to provide financial supports to recognize and reward students with academic excellence.Qualification and RequirementsFirst-year or second-year registered studentsReceiving grades of at least two courses in the previous

  • On 18th of March at the first floor north wing of General Building there was a Spring Melody concert. With such beautiful melodies during the rush hour, students and faculties

  • Those of you who have been on campus this morning may have noticed that the area in front of the Zhongzheng Library was closed for cleaning and disinfection due to

  • Thank y’all for coming. And special thanks to Mark and Andrew for sharing their information and their experience with writing a master thesis. Hope to see y’all again in the

  • As the most prestigious Asia-Pacific studies program in Taiwan, NCCU IMAS (International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies) offered 60 admissions in 2021. Under the guidance from Prof. Liang Ward, University

  • 日期:111年3月10日(星期四)報到時間:上午8:40~08:55報到地點:綜合院館北棟12樓271202面試地點:綜合院館北棟12樓271201口試順序由本學程安排。尚未輪到口試者,請在指定地點等候。面試方式:每次一位考生應試,每位考生以12分鐘為原則。依考生准考證號碼排定面試順序。 系組:亞太研究英語碩士學位學程 序准考證號碼姓名Name口試時間報到時間:8:40-8:55122310001張O穎09:00-09:12222310002王O緁09:13-09:25322310003袁O婷09:26-09:38422310004林O豪09:39-09:51522310005張O芳09:52-10:04622310006鄭O妤10:05-10:17 注意事項 Notifications: 於口試當天請攜帶附照片之『身分證件』及『繳費收據正本』。請準時應試,未到者以棄權論。口試請遵守考場秩序,勿大聲喧嘩。凡攜帶錄音錄影器材進入考場者,以作弊論。符合口試資格之考生未依上述方式辦理,導致延誤口試時間,口試成績以零分計算,考生不得異議,亦不得要求補考。 聯絡人 林助教 分機 51255

  • ※ Online application: Feb 17, 2022 - Mar 24, 2022, 5:00 pm (Taiwan time) Late applications will NOT be processed For application more information information

  • Merry X’mas everyone. Wish y’all have a great time in NCCU. Let’s begin 2022 together.

  • Join us for 3 online lectures with Prof. Shigehisa Kasahara CourseInvited lectureDate & timeGoogle Meet connection1. Economic Development of ChinaOne Belt and One Road Initiative3:10~6:00pm, Tue, Oct. 12,    2.

  • If you are a foreigner working at NCCU (student, faculty member, or staff), please check whether your Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) has changed recently. Recent government policy has changed ARC

  • ObjectiveThe scholarship is to provide financial supports to recognize and reward students with academic excellence.Qualification and RequirementsFirst-year or second-year registered studentsReceiving grades of at least two courses in the previous

  • The IDAS/IMAS/IMES programs are offering TA and RA positions for non-scholarship program students. All non-scholarship students are welcome to apply. English proficiency is required; Chinese is helpful but not necessary. Available

  • Out of love, Prof. Liu, former IMAS director, donated to those IMAS Students who need medical/nursing support.

  • To consider most students are waiting to enter Taiwan, and NCCU's react to the regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), from Sep. 13-26.  (NCCU announcement)  IDAS/IMAS/IMES programs shifted to remote

  • IDAS/IMES/IMAS is now recruiting student office assistants for the fall 2021 semester. •  Working  Duration: 9/1/2021~1/31/2022 •    Job Description: Assist the IMAS, IDAS, and IMES administration with office and clerical affairs, such as: Office front

  • Join us for a lecture on LINE with Dr. Theo Clement (Double PhD, Universities of Lyon and Vienna)Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology May 31 & June

  • Join us for a lecture on LINE with Professor Simon Shen of The University of Hong Kong June 1, 2021 Scan the QR code to attend

  • IMAS will offer a course during summer vacation: Border Conflicts and Cross-border Coopetition in Europe and East Asia. Space, Power and Politics in Comparative Perspective. Instructor: Jarosław Jańczak & Anna Potyrała

  • There are two courses to be held during the summer vacation, and we need two assistants to undertake the administrating affairs and equipment set. The information is below: 1. IDAS is

  • (From May 17 to May 29, every working day 8:30-11:30 AM) Fill in the “Academic Dress Hire” form available in the IDAS/IMES/IMAS officeWith the completed form, go to the following locations

  • Due to the recent increase in local cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Taiwan, to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic on campus, safeguard the health of teachers

  • The NCCU Graduation Commencement will be held on May, 29th, 2021 at the gymnasium. The commencement is open for graduate students only, and representatives for each graduate program will be

  • Students are invited to attend the online lecture in cooperation with the University of Nottingham. The session will take place at the General Building (North Wing), F12 Room 271203. Sign up

  • There’s a significant and commemorative graduation ceremony on 5/29, We would like to invites you to come to the ceremony. Please Sign up to come!

  • Alumna Cleisha-Bernise Springer (克莉沙) is a former IMAS student working at the Embassy of Saint Lucia in Taiwan as Second Secretary. She encourages our international students to step out of

  • On March 5 and 6, the International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) at National Chengchi University (NCCU) partnered with the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies (GIFS) and the Department

  • IMAS will hold student interviews with the following applicants: 22310001 馬O霖22310002 顏O芳22310003 劉O瑜22310004 吳O鈴 The interviews will take place on March 11th, 2021.  Written Test: 9:30am - 10:10am Oral Examination: 10:30am  

  • The Graduate Institute of Futures Studies (GIFS) and the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations (DDIR) at Tamkang University (TKU), will hold a joint workshop, titled “Taiwan in the Asia-Pacific:

  • Seth Paternostro is a recent graduate of Princeton University, where he received an B.A. in East Asian Studies, summa cum laude. His coursework focused on Chinese language, politics, and culture.

  • Ian Easton is the Senior Director of the Project 2049 Institute and an alumnus who graduated with an M.A. in China Studies from the IMAS program at NCCU in 2008.

  • On the new year’s weekend of 2021, Dr. Kuan’s course in Modernization and Social Development of Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan went on their second field trip of this semester.

  • In light of recent events, we would like to provide easier accessible information about the regulations concerning COVID-19. Please visit the relevant pages below to get the latest updates and

  • IMAS, IDAS and IMES are jointly organising a get-together to celebrate the end of 2020. Students of the International Programs are invited to join the event on the 18th December

  • Uluslararası Asya-Pasifik Çalışmaları Yüksek Lisans Programı (IMAS), 16 ve 17 Ekim'de  NTOU Matsu Kampüsü’nde "Savaş, Bölgesel Canlanma ve Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma için  Uluslararası Atölye" başlıklı ortak bir atölye çalışması yapmak için

  • El Máster Internacional en Estudios de Asia Pacífico (IMAS) cooperó con la Oficina de Difusión de la National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) para realizar un taller conjunto titulado "Taller internacional

  • Tayvan’a kısa süre önce atanan Büyükelçi Mohamed Hagi, Asya-Pasifik Çalışmaları Uluslararası Yüksek Lisans Programı’na (IMAS) “Somaliland’in Bekası: Devlet İnşası, Demokratikleşme ve Tayvan-Somaliland İlişkileri” konulu konuşmalarını yapmak üzere 24 Eylül tarihinde

  • Last week, Prof. Kuan arranged a field trip for his class in "Modernization and Social Development of the Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan".

  • We congratulate the recipients of the Fall 2020 IMAS scholarship: IMAS First year student 109926001 Elvis L.109926009 Nana M.109926015 Bootaksinap H. N.109926011 Ji Won K.109926012 Valeriia R.109926016 Jirathip R. IMAS Second year student 108926011

  • 社科院亞太英語碩士學位學程 (IMAS) 與國立海洋大學社會實踐辦公室於10月17-18日於海洋大學馬祖校區舉辦「戰爭、地方創生與島嶼永續發展國際工作坊」(International Workshop for War, Regional Revitalization, and Sustainable Development of Islands),來自西班牙、美國、法國、韓國、土耳其等六位IMAS同學及四位海洋大學的同學參加。台灣兩校師生均認為此行除增加對島嶼發展、冷戰與地方創生的知識,以馬祖列島為教室更讓同學留下深刻印象。 工作坊首先於海洋大學馬祖校區開始。該校區位於北竿,環繞在許多本地石材的建築中,鄰近海灘也還留有反登陸椿。IMAS主任劉曉鵬教授認為,該校區本身就是一個歷史與政治的場域,讓兩校學生更具學習動機。校區外,學生們發現許多原來防衛入侵的碉堡,成為今日的觀光景點,也是地方創生的策略。而坑道除了戰時能對抗敵人,平時也能用來釀酒。  陸地之外,學生也乘船到南竿,從海上瞭解馬祖與中國大陸的距離,更能理解複雜的兩岸關係。來自土耳其的Ferit Oguzturk指出,他現在更能體會中國大陸與台灣數百年來政治與文化的互動,因為他的國家與也有類似經驗。海洋大學曾聖文教授則強調,此次以島嶼為教室對學生而言不但可增加新知,也是新的學習方式。 研討會除了兩校學生針對日本與台灣有關永續與戰後發展經驗的交換,來自韓國的Kim Sohyun 的報告指出南北韓之間的衝突,使夾在當中的島嶼無法發展。而來自法國的 Jules Legouis 的報告引起許多注意。他以法國經驗為核心,強調僅在諾曼地一帶,藉由完整的規劃二戰登陸記憶,觀光創收每年就超過1600億台幣,幾乎是台灣全年國防總預算的一半。來聆聽報告的連江縣社區營造中心主任蔡佳蓉與源順船運公司王俊傑董事長,都認為法國經驗對馬祖很有啟發性。 IMAS主任劉曉鵬指出,這次工作坊在台灣離島舉行,是IMAS創新教學的一個新模式。IMAS感謝海洋大學提供馬祖校區,讓政大的國際生能夠在不同的台灣與特殊的大學校園與本地學生交流,刺激新的學術思考。IMAS 將來會繼續與其他學校舉行工作坊,也歡迎更多同學加入IMAS大家庭。 參觀240榴砲 Jules Legouis報告,由Kim Sohyun 協助參觀媽祖廟聆聽媽祖廟歷史IMAS學生閱讀村民公約參觀海洋大學海岸反登陸椿海洋大學曾聖文教授頒發參加證明給Jordi Mallol Sala海洋大學沈惠萱向IMAS學生William Bradford解釋馬祖生態環境 English Version

  • The International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) cooperated with the Outreach Office at National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) in order to hold a joint workshop, titled “International Workshop for

  • 甫抵台灣就職的索馬利蘭大使穆姆德 (Ambassador Mohamed Hagi) 於九月廿四日訪問社科院,並於社科院亞太碩士學程(IMAS)發表英文演講,講題為「索馬利蘭的生存之道: 國家建構、民主化與台索關係」(Survivability of Somaliland: State-Building, Democratisation and Taiwan-Somaliland Relationship),吸引來自校內外超過50名聽眾參加。IMAS 感謝穆姆德大使來訪,認為此行有助台灣與索馬利蘭彼此瞭解,盼未來能強化交流合作。 索馬利蘭大使館一行三人抵達後先拜會社科院江明修院長。院長除歡迎大使來訪,也十分關注索馬利蘭的大學教育需求。穆姆德大使除說明該國教育系統與青年海外求學狀況,也表示社科院是他來台灣後首次訪問的學術單位,企盼社科院未來多考慮索馬利蘭學子入學申請。 晤談後穆姆德隨即進行IMAS演說。由於穆姆德本身是英國訓練的博士候選人,他的演講十分有學術啟發性。 他首先從殖民主義開始論述,接著回顧1960年代獨立潮後英屬索馬利蘭的反應。基於非洲百年發展經驗,解釋1990年代後索馬利蘭重新建國時為何特別強調以民主為建國根基。民主化策略不但有利該國開展與許多民主國家的交往,也是未來與台灣合作的基礎。 穆姆德的演講引起很多迴響。時代力量國際部主任劉仕傑請問穆姆德大使台灣和索馬利蘭的關係中,誰採取主動。來自中國的學生鄒仲蘇則請教索國未來與北京的關係。穆姆德大使一一回答,與聽眾合照後結束演講。 午宴由國合長林美香特聘教授與社科院國際事務副院長湯京平特聘教授共同主持,席間穆姆德除瞭解政大國際學術交流情形,IMAS二年級班代Julian Tash也以自己的經驗,向穆姆德說明國際生在政大的生活狀況。餐後小敍在國際交誼廳進行,雙方除了持續討論兩國後殖民問題,同為穆斯林的穆姆德特別參觀穆斯林祈禱室,也很高興知道社科院關心外籍生的宗教需求。 IMAS主任劉曉鵬表示, 台灣從六十年前與衣索比亞斷絕關係後,與東非幾無官方關係。索馬利蘭與台灣互相承認給台灣學術界很好的機會與這個地區展開交流,對IMAS的國際生而言,也是一個瞭解亞太與非洲連結的機會。這次的活動擴大師生視野成效明顯,IMAS將來會再持續舉辦類似活動。 社會科學院院長江明修與穆姆德大使會面 穆姆德大使於IMAS演講穆姆德大使參觀國際學程。左起IMAS主任劉曉鵬教授、魏玫娟副教授、社科院國際副院長湯京平特聘教授、穆姆德大使、國合長林美香特聘教授、大使隨員Hassan Mohamed Hussein、林超琦副教授、IMAS二年級生Julian Tash穆姆德大使於交誼廳小敍時,答覆藍適齊副教授穆姆德大使用手機確認穆斯林祈禱室朝麥加的方位 English Version

  • Ambassador Mohamed Hagi, who just arrived in Taiwan, visited the College of Social Sciences (CSS) at National Chengchi University (NCCU) on September 24 where he gave a speech titled “Survivability

  • GIDS and IMAS jointly organised a lecture inviting Dr. Kubler, Visiting Professor at National Tsing Hua University, to share his experience in living and working in different intercultural and international

  • Our IMAS students have finally made it to Matsu, one of the outlying islands of Taiwan. The proximity to Mainland China makes this place a very special opportunity to grasp

  • On September 29, our three Fulbright students got together with Fulbright Taiwan Executive Director Dr. Randall Nadeau and Alumni Program Specialist Dalia Chang to talk about their experiences and academic

  • Applications for the Fall 2020 IMAS Scholarship are open! Qualifications and Requirements First and second year students may apply. Applicants must take at least two courses per semester. Students sponsored by

  • IMAS invited students to join the lecture on "Survivability of Somaliland: State-Building, Democratisation and Taiwan-Somaliland Relationship" by guest speaker Somaliland representative Mohamed Hagi.

  • The international programs IDAS, IMAS and IMES welcome the new students of 2020! Professors and lecturers of the Int'l programsSecond Year Student introducing IDASWelcome presentation by Prof. TangFirst meetingSecond Year

  • For incoming students, please refer to the enrollment guidelines below. NCCU_2020_Fall_Enrollment_Guideline200829-updated下載 109學年國際新生報到指南200829下載  

  • Please pay attention to these registration guidelines for the fall semester of 2020.

  • Dear all, Social Science College now has a activity called "Travel to help"This activity require students to use their specialties to help the communities. The subsidy for this activity is $10,000 per student.