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Scholarships for Current Students

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Current students of the International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) not receiving any scholarships are eligible to apply grants offered by IMAS and the the Office of International Cooperation (OIC). These may help cover some of your expenses while studying in Taiwan.

IMAS Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to first and second year IMAS students. Its purpose is to recognize and reward individuals who have achieved academic excellence. It will encourage students to maintain good grades and participate in extra-curricular activities. The scholarship is based on 5% of the program’s revenue as approved by the IMAS Program Committee, and the number and amount of the awards will vary from year to year.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Applicants must be a degree-seeking student taking at least two courses each semester to be eligible for the IMAS Scholarship. Non-degree students and students who are sponsored by Taiwan government agencies (i.e. ICDF Scholarship, Taiwan Scholarship) are not eligible to apply.

Application Deadline:

The IMAS Scholarship application deadline will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

Required Documents for Application:

  1. Completed IMAS Scholarship Application
  2. Full transcript in IMAS
  3. Publications, research or conference paper related to Asia-Pacific Studies
  4. Other outstanding academic achievement

Awarding Process:

Qualified applicants will be sorted in terms of their entrance years and be compared within the same cohort. The applicant ranked the highest in each cohort will be awarded NT$20,000. The rest of the qualified applicants will be further divided into two categories. The top third of these qualified applicants will share equally half of the remaining scholarship available for that semester. The other half of the remaining scholarship will be shared equally by all other qualified applicants.

Selection and Distribution Process:

Based on the IMAS Program Committee’s decision, a recipient acceptance list will be made and posted on the IMAS Website. Once approved by NCCU, the awards will be paid directly into the students’ bank accounts.

Note: New students will be ranked according to their entrance examination and previous transcripts.

NCCU Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students

Eligible are international students who have been enrolled at NCCU for more than one semester. Those receiving other full scholarships (Taiwan Scholarship, MOE, MOFA etc.) are excluded.