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International Programs Student Outing

On Saturday, July 23rd the international programs (IDAS, IMAS, and IMES) of the College of Social Sciences of NCCU went to Keelung in a fun-filled year-end outing. As graduation was approaching for many of the current students, and as an easy way to relax after final exams, the staff of the I-programs diligently planned an itinerary for everyone to enjoy one last gathering with old friends and an opportunity to make new friends as well.

The day started early in the morning at Songshan Train Station where professors, staff, and students met to take the first of two trains that would take them to their first destination, Badouzi. After arriving at the sea-side train stop, everyone got some time to stretch their legs and take in the beautiful views of Taiwan’s northern coast.

A short bus ride later the group arrived at Fanyan Seafood Restaurant, known for its fresh fare of the local fisherman’s catch. The friendly staff adorned the table with plate after plate of delicious seafood dishes, local delicacies, and long-time favorites. Plenty of lively chat, drinks, and lots of food later, everyone felt reenergized and ready to take on the rest of the day which was only just getting started.

As the group made its way to the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, the sky started darken with thick, grey clouds. A light shower warned the students of what would soon be the most interesting twist of the day. The museum, on the other hand, showcased many examples of the local culture and customs of the small fishing towns of Taiwan’s coastline. Beautifully arranged exhibitions with accompanying video, audio, and lighting-effects make it an enjoyable destination where one could learn a lot about science and technology.

When the hike to 101 Height Park began, so did the rain. Making their way up, people started to whip-out umbrellas and raincoats as the group was not going to allow for some rain to get in the way of fun. luckily, a reward was waiting for them at the top. After reaching the summit completely soaked and quite exhausted, everyone was felt rewarded for their rainy achievement by the beautiful panoramic view of Keelung Port, the mountains, and the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Unfortunately, the visit to the Keelung Night Market originally planned had to be curtailed, as the hiking and rain fatigued people more than they expected. Luckily lunchboxes on the train ride back to Taipei were a well-deserved reward for everyone.