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NCCU’s 91st Anniversary Sports Day

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]n May the 18th of 2018, the hottest day of the year at that point, National Chengchi University celebrated its 91st anniversary with its annual symbolic Sports Day. University officials, staff, faculty, students, and members of the community were in attendance at the event and joined in the fun of different sports activities and games organized to promote a healthy balance between studies and physical activity.

NCCU’s president Edward Chow (周行一) held the opening ceremony, in which he honored the school’s achievements in numerous different sports. Chow also asserted that doing physical exercise is just as important as getting an education, and mentioned the recent efforts made by NCCU in this field. Alumni, faculty, and students were invited to join the one-month free-trial program at the renovated Fitness Room.

During the opening of the event, both faculty and students marched on the sports field displaying their departments’ creativity with lively costumes and colorful signs, including their programs flag. The students of the international programs of the College of Social Sciences and Prof. Chiang, Min-Hsiu, the dean of the College of Social Sciences, marched around the field waving flags from their home countries and wore matching t-shirts.


Faculty and students of the College of Social Sciences march with flags.

The first game of the day joined by faculty members was the “ball rolling” competition. Prof. Calvin Lin (林左裕), dean of the Office of General Affairs and a well-known professor in the College of Social Sciences won the championship for the third year in a row.


Prof. Calvin Lin (林左裕) wins competition for third year in a row.

Later on, students joined a series of games organized to promote sports, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle. Classic games like tug of war, 100m and 400m track and field competitions, and “ball rolling” relay races were played and awards were given to the champions of each competition. Students and professors had equal shares of fun.


Students participate in a game of tug of war.

In the following days, more events took place commemorating the school’s anniversary such as the cheerleading competition, the relay race, and the Anniversary Ceremony held at NCCU’s Art & Culture Center.

We wish National Chengchi University a happy birthday from everyone at the College of Social Sciences Newsletter!