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Teaching Assistant (TA) and Research Assistant (RA) positions available

The IDAS/IMAS/IMES programs are offering TA and RA positions for non-scholarship program students. All non-scholarship students are welcome to apply. English proficiency is required; Chinese is helpful but not necessary.

Available Positions:

Teaching Assistant (several)

Research Assistant (several)

Proofreading/Editing assistant (several)

Teaching Assistants will assist professors to run IDAS/IMAS/IMES program courses. Each assignment is for one (1) course. We may appoint multiple assignments if necessary. English-spoken.

Salary: $4,000-6,000 NTD per month

Term: four months

Duties include: 

  • Preparing classrooms
  • Setting up learning equipment (computers, projectors, etc.)
  • Clearing and closing-down classrooms and/or learning environment
  • Managing coursework as assigned by professors (distributing reading materials, collecting coursework, etc.)
  • Liaison between students and professors when necessary
  • Record online courses and upload each lesson to Moodle (or other system)

Research Assistants will work with professors on their research projects. This position is English-spoken.

Salary: $4,000-6,000 NTD per month

Term: four months

Duties include:

  • Data collection and academic project research
  • Office coordination (when applicable)
  • Assisting professors with academic events
  • Other relevant academic work

Proofreading/Editing Assistants will help faculty members and students polish their writing. This position is available for native English speakers and students who can demonstrate English fluency (certifications and writing samples may be required). Relevant working experience is preferred.

Salary: $450-600 NTD per hour

These positions are paid opportunities arranged by the Office of International Affairs at College of Social Sciences (OIA of CSS). Enumeration is available only for non-scholarship students. IDAS students will be given preference first, but IMAS and IMES students are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Please submit the following materials when applying:

  • Application form
  • Latest CV
  • Transcript
  • A 300-word statement with self-introduction and research interests

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