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The NCCU Graduation Commencement on May, 29th, 2021 at the gymnasium!

The NCCU Graduation Commencement will be held on May, 29th, 2021 at the gymnasium. The commencement is open for graduate students only, and representatives for each graduate program will be invited to go on the stage to turning their tassels. The event will be live-broadcasted on the university website, which is open to public. Please notice that this ceremony is for the whole university, and is separate from the CSS Ceremony.

        The applying information:

  1. The applying dates: May, 3rd, 2021 (Mon.)~ May, 14th , 2021(Fri.)
  2. Applying website:, or login to your INccu/ NCCU Information System → Students /General Info/ 「活動報名」.
  3. Due to the limitation of the seats, please do RSVP.
  4. Please wear appropriate clothes, graduation gown and cap. In order to be solemn, flip-flops, shorts, etc. should be avoided from the event.
  5. In accordance with epidemic prevention measures, please wear your mask for the entire event.

Notice for external visitors:

  1. For crowd control, photography is permitted during specific periods:8:00-12:00 and 12:00-16:00, on 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th May.
  2. Person allowance: 2,000persons/ period, 4 visitors per student.
  3. Please register names in advance to be put on the list, all visitors should be registered with the university’s system, with their real name, entry period, and ID or ARC numbers by the graduate students. Registration access for externals:
  4. May 22nd morning:
  5. May 22nd afternoon:
  6. May 23rd morning:
  7. May, 23rd afternoon:
  8. May 29th morning:
  9. May 29th afternoon:
  10. May 30th morning:
  11. May 30th afternoon:
  12. The entry name list will be uploaded to the access control system for epidemic prevention. Please bring your ID card or ARC when entering campus.
  13. External cars are not allowed entry to campus. Please park your car in neighborhood parking spaces or take public transportation to campus.

Please visit the website for FAQ:

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